Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover
Into the Woods Wool Cover

Into the Woods Wool Cover

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Our into the woods crazy colorway was inspired by our campers print. Burnt orange, sapphire blue, grey, navy blue, chocolate brown, and earthy greens. This listing is for a WOOL COVER created in the Into the Woods colorway. Our sample piece shows a pair of wool pants as a sample of the colorway you will receive. 

Our into the woods colorway is hand dyed using the old school method, in a pot over the stove. Dyeing the wool in this method helps achieve bold cover & ultimate washfastness. These woolies won't bleed. They have been fixed at a high tempurature which guarantees a strong bond with the dye. We stir often to achieve a nice even color, but you may notice your woolies have some small variation in color, as it is normal using this method of dyeing. Enjoy them for the handmade wonderfulness in which they are! 

Because we dye our woolies using a vat dyeing method, we dyeing the wool in batches. Only so much wool can fit in per pot and there are only so many hours to our day!  We will create our batches in chronological order based on how orders come in. You will receive an email informing you which batch number your woolies are in within 2-3 days of your order. 

Batch #1 - will ship on October 27, 2017
Batch #2- will ship on November 6, 2017
Batch #3- will ship on November 13, 2017 

Our covers are made out of buttery soft 97% wool/3% lycra. They are felted to the perfect thickness to keep your little one dry on the outside. They are trim enough to fit under clothing, you will love them under jeans! But we like to see them peaking our of little dresses & shirts and worn as a bottom of their own. The covers are meant to fit snuggly over your babies diapers, so don't size up too much. These covers are super stretchy!

The covers come in 4 base sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-large. Please view the measurements below to choose a size that best fits your baby.

Options: You may choose to add a wet zone to your wool cover. Please make note of this in the comments section of your order. The wet zone will be invoiced for $5. 

Want a specific coordinating waistband & cuffs? Please include that info in your notes at check out. If you do not leave a note, we will make your cover in your solid color choice. 

All measurements are in INCHES. These measurements are of the cover itself. 
Waist- your child's waist should be 2-4 inches larger than our waist measurement. 
Rise- your childs rise should be  at least 1 inch smaller than our measurement so you have room to grow. 
thighs- your childs thighs should be 1-2 inches smaller than our thigh measurement. 

Waist- 13-17 inches

Rise- 15 inches

Thighs- 6-9 inches

Waist- 14- 19 inches
Rise- 16 inches
Thighs- 7-10 inches

Waist- 15-21 inches
Rise- 18 inches
Thighs- 8-12 inches

Waist- 16-22 inches
Rise- 20 inches
Thighs- 9-14 inches

Waist- 17-23inches 
Rise- 22 inches 
Thighs- 11-15 inches