About us

Hello and welcome! My name is Lindsay and I am the owner/creator of Rainbow Waters. I opened RW in 2005. Way back then, my daughter was 6 weeks and my son was 20 months old. Starting a business with 2 young babies- talk about crazy! Many years have passed and this business has grown so much, just like my babies who are now almost teenagers! I now have a team of amazing women to help run this show. So grateful for them and the opportunity to fulfill my passion & dreams through RW! 

Now, onto the fun stuff. My clothing is designed so that your little ones can shine bright and express themselves through their childhood, as they develop their personality and grow. My mission is to create quality, comfortable clothing that will last and can even be handed down to your grandchildren one day. My dream is to create a community of women who build one another up regardless of our diversities. To connect with us, check out our blog and join our social media pages! We cannot wait to get to know your family. 

See you around!